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Mar 21, 2019 08:53PM


Buying an Airbnb Short Term Rental Property Investment

Buying an Airbnb Short term Rental Property investment NashvilleAs Nashville has rocketed to the top of the bachelorette party destination list, so has the rental demand for Airbnb properties close to the downtown core. Owning a short-term rental can be a financial windfall for owners, but make sure you do your homework first. If you are considering making an investment in a short-term rental property in Nashville, here are a few things to consider:


The City of Nashville Regulates Airbnbs

Your property must be properly zoned, your neighborhood and HOA both allow short term renting and you must obtain a short-term rental property permit from Metro Codes in order to operate a short-term rental business from your property. As of January 1st, 2018, there are only 2 types of permits: Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied.

Owner occupied short term rental permits: must be your primary residence, must be owned in your personal name (no LLCs, GPs, joint ventures, etc), must be confirmed by 2 documents showing the owner in fact occupies as their primary residence, must be in a neighborhood or homeowners association that allows short term renting, may include the rental of a single room or the entire residence.

Non-owner occupied short term rental permits: must be in a properly zoned non-residential district, are not a primary residence, applicant information must match the recorded deed, must be in a neighborhood or homeowners association that allows short term renting.

Obtaining a Short Rental Permit is Hard Work

Like dealing with most government entities, the Nashville Metro Codes department can steal small pieces of your soul. However, if you come prepared for long lines, overworked employees and all required materials, you?ll be just fine.

To obtain a short-term rental permit (STRP in our jargon), you?ll need several items including: a floor plan of your property showing egress windows, doors and smoke detectors; proof of liability insurance; proof of notification to adjacent property owners; proof of tax payments; responsible party documentation; homeowners association affidavit; and a notarized affidavit. Once you gather these materials, you?ll then meet with a zoning examiner who will start the application process. If you pass, the fire marshal will schedule a verification inspection at your property fairly quickly. If you pass again, congratulations, pay a $50 permit fee, post your permit on all listings, remit your required taxes and don?t forget to renew your permit every 365 days.

Oh, did I mention you must also obtain a Hotel Occupancy Privilege Tax Account Number, collect and remit those taxes for each rental to the State Finance Department no later than the 20th day of each month following collection and there is a maximum of 4 sleeping rooms per STRP permit? Sound a little daunting? Don?t fret. Many Nashville Airbnb property managers include permitting your property and processing all applicable taxes in their menu of services and I highly recommend you take them up on that offer!

A Nashville Airbnb Property Will Diversify Your Investments

Even if you own other rental properties, Airbnb rentals compete in a different market segment than traditional types of real estate. And if real estate is not currently a part of your investment portfolio, short-term rentals can be an easy way to dip your toe into the pool. Through asset diversification, you help insulate your investment portfolio from market volatility. What?s more, the revenue from short-term rentals may be able to cover more than just the mortgage on the property and this can be an attractive way for first-time real estate investors to get into the market. In many instances, Nashville Airbnb owners have been able to pay off their entire investment property mortgage in less than 5 years, giving them a free and clear asset that can be leveraged into additional investments.

High-Rise Condos Play by Different Rules

There are 9 gleaming high-rise condo buildings in Nashville that are simply breathtaking. They have amazing neighborhood locations, amenities, concierge services and panoramic views of Music City. But, they all have bylaws that forbid them as being used as short-term rentals. Period.

For instance, the Encore condos in downtown Nashville have bylaws that state ?no more than 20% of units can be investor-owned and all leases must be at least 360 days in length.? In fact, for those who violate these rules, the fines can get rather steep, exceeding $1,000 per day. Similar rules and fines hold true for Twelve Twelve, Icon, Terrazzo, Adelicia, Viridian, City Lights and practically all condo developments in Nashville.

For a condominium development to allow short-term rentals, the association must amend their bylaws to specifically allow such arrangements. Currently, only the following condo developments allow short-term rentals:

Generally, all planned unit developments (PUDs) have bylaw rental restrictions. These may be developments that include single family homes, townhomes and/or flats, but all have a homeowner?s association. Most attached and detached horizontal property regimes (HPRs) also have short term rental restrictions. There are even entire municipalities that have restrictions like the city of Brentwood that disallows short-term renting altogether.

Rental Property Tax Advantages

Under the new federal tax law that went into effect on January 1, owners of rental properties that are operated as businesses will be able to deduct mortgage interest on these properties, along with business expenses related to the rental. If you operate your Nashville rental as a business, you may also be able to deduct up to 20 percent of net rental income from your income taxes. As always, consult your tax accountant or attorney for advice.

Research Your Potential Airbnb Investment

Only you can decide whether investing in a short-term rental property is right for you. As with any investment, due diligence is warranted. Here is an excellent article on Smart Money Nation that gives you insight into owning an Airbnb and provides a handy calculator.

Once you have decided to pursue a short-term rental investment property, lean on my experience as one of the most well versed and skilled real estate brokers in Nashville. Over the past year, I have represented 71 short-term rentals and have access to several proven rentals that are not currently on the market. Leverage my relationships with local Airbnb management companies to negotiate lower management fees and use my relationship with builders and developers to secure a pre-construction property before it hits the MLS. Call/text me today to begin the process.

Grant Hammond

Broker, ABR, SFR ePRO

(615) 945-7123

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Buying an Airbnb Short Term Rental Property Investment
As Nashville has rocketed to the top of the bachelorette party destination list, so has the rental demand for Airbnb properties close to the downtown...
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Rhythm Condos at Music Row Surge in 2012

Luxury Condos and Penthouses for SaleCall it a sign of the times, but the Rhythm condos at Music Row have prices that are climbing faster than any high-rise condo in Nashville.

A brief timeline: The Rhythm condos began construction at the beginning of 2007 and were completed in 2009. Pre-sales efforts took place during this entire process and condos were sold for an average of $365.17 per square foot. Approximately 75% of the 105 total condos were pre-sold, but when the building opened, only half of the original buyers closed. Clearly, 2009 was a difficult economic time for the country and the Rhythm was not immune. Throughout the balance of 2009 until the end of 2010 the developer continued to sell units. This effort resulted in the sale of 30 additional condos at an average price of $277.20 per square foot. At the beginning of 2011 buyers could smell blood in the water and by the middle of the year the developers were able to reach a settlement with their construction lenders to turn the unsold condos over in a ?friendly foreclosure?. Release prices were lowered and all of the remaining condos were very quickly sold at an average of $241.14 per square foot. The last few bank owned condos closed by the second quarter of 2012 and prices have not looked back since.

2012 Q1 Rhythm Condo Sales

Real Estate Service Brentwood

2012 Q2 Rhythm Condo Sales

Real Estate Service Brentwood

2012 Q3 Rhythm Condo Sales

Real Estate Service Brentwood

Current Rhythm Condos for Sale

Real Estate Service Brentwood

(#602 is one of my listings and it was sold in less than a week)

Rhythm Condo Price Analysis

As you can see from the active and pending listings, we have been very successful in raising prices since the 1st quarter. We?ve gone from an average of $249/ft to just over $350/ft in the space of only 9 months (I say we, because my team and I at Metropolitan Brokers have listed and sold many of these condos). This price increase represents a nearly 39% jump in under a year. No other high-rise condo in Nashville has come close. All seven Nashville high-rise condo buildings have realized year over year price increases with the Icon and the Adelicia posting the second and third highest gains. The Icon condos have increased prices 17.24% year over year and the Adelicia condos have increased prices 14.81% year over year.

Selling your High-Rise Condo in Nashville

As many know, not only did I represent more than 22% of the buyers and sellers in Rhythm at Music Row, but I have represented almost 300 other condo buyers and sellers in Nashville. It is from this vast experience that I know pricing is not the only skill required of a listing agent. One must also know how to work with appraisers in order to help support these higher prices once contracted. An agent must have lending resources that can help secure buyers advantageous loans and not lose a potential sale over interest rates or mortgage terms. Your agent must know your building like the back of their hand; they must be able to recite the differences in the floor plans, the views and know what is being developed immediately around your building. Selling is no longer just pricing and putting in the MLS. To properly turn a building around in this economy you need knowledge, skill, reputation, leadership and experience.

With sales of over 300 condos (5 this month) and sales volume exceeding $100 million since 2004, no other broker in Tennessee who did not work directly for the developer can come close to my numbers and expertise. I have always worked for private clients and understand what it is to fully market and engage the marketplace. If you are considering selling your condo within the next year, I would love to interview for your business. If you are not and simply want to know what your condo is worth, I have built a tool to calculate your current market value.

Grant Hammond, Broker, ABR, SFR
Call or Text: 615-945-7123


City Living Versus Suburban Living

Best Luxury Penthouses for SaleAn Op-ed by Kathleen Hubert:

Living in the city compared to the suburbs can be quite a different experience. One of the main differences you would notice when living in the city is the population density. Compared to a suburban area, cities usually have a much higher concentration of people and depending on your preferences, this could be exciting or an annoyance.

Less populated suburban areas have been described as a more calm and serene environment. Large concentrations of people result in a more fast-paced lifestyle, so if you do not wish to be a part of the hustle and bustle then a suburban area is recommended for you. Another rather large difference between the city and a suburban area can be the cleanliness of the area. Cities tend to ?have a little more character? on the streets than in a suburb, however the lobbies of hotel and office buildings also tend to be more luxurious.

Depending on the size and age of your family, you can determine whether a city or a suburban area would be the better choice for you. Suburban areas are usually geared towards raising younger children, while city life is better suited for those who wish to have easy access to any area you may visit frequently. Although it may not seem possible, living in the city can also provide you with a better education. Most universities and highly regarded schools are located in areas of high traffic in order to receive more applicants. However, those who live in a suburban area can still attend these schools, it would simply be a longer commute.

While cities may be compact and uncomfortable at times, they provide an enormous amount of convenience. Cities will cluster important places close together, making it less of a hassle to go out and run daily errands. They have higher concentrations of libraries, parks, restaurants, transportation, retail, museums and other culturally significant destinations.

One drawback – it can be next to impossible to save money in the city. As a result of the basic density of the city, land prices and construction costs are typically quite high leading to elevated prices for apartments and high-rise condos. Compared to a highly populated city area, suburban area living expenses have been proven to be much less expensive.

Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes for a variety of different sites. You may read more of her work at Modular Homes.


Deadline to Challenge Davidson County Property Taxes

The deadline to challenge your Davidson County property assessment is Friday April 20th at 4:30pm. If you do not challenge your property assessment by this deadline, you WILL NOT be able to seek a reduction until next year!

Step #1: Check your new 2011 property tax assessment (click on image below)

Best Luxury Condos for Sale

Step #2: Locate your property and click on the record

Step #3: Review your tax record. Most importantly, look down to the ?Current Property Appraisal? section and find the ?Total Value?. This is the amount on which your 2012 property taxes will be calculated.

Step #4: Click on ?Previous Appraisal? in the submenu in the top navigation bar

Best Luxury Condos for Sale

Step #5: Compare your current appraisal with the previous period

Best Luxury Condos for Sale

Step #6: Determine if you should challenge your tax value assessment. If there is a large difference in your 2011 assessment over your 2009 assessment or if you know the 2011 assessed value to be higher than recent sales in your neighborhood, challenge your assessed value with the Davidson County Tax Assessor?s office immediately. To challenge your assessment, follow the steps outlined in the article I wrote last November.

Who Should Challenge Their Tax Assessment?

While there is no blanket answer, everyone should check their 2011 property assessment to see if a case can be made for a challenge. I have identified pockets of owners who should challenge their tax assessment immediately: owners of luxury homes in Green Hills and Forest Hills over 4,000 square feet should consider challenging. I spot checked several homes that I own in those areas and 3 of them were over assessed. I also found a few over assessments in Hillwood.

Update 4/18/12

This afternoon I received a call from a principle with ACG Equities, the owner/seller of the 5th & Main condos in East Nashville. He explained that ACG took the initiative to challenge all 129 tax assessments as soon as they became aware of the 2011 assessments. I applaud ACG?s actions and can only hope that Pollack Partners follows suit for the Velocity. No word from anyone with Pollack yet.

Please pass this article along to your friends, family, neighbors and clients.


The Encore Condos in Downtown Nashville Sold Out

Featured property Nashville
Less than 2 months after the trendy Music Row Rhythm condos sold out, the Encore becomes the latest high-rise condo development to join the growing list of sold out developments. The 333 unit development, built in partnership between the Novare Group of Atlanta and Tony Giarratana of Nashville, broke ground in mid 2006 and was completed in the second quarter of 2008. In that first year of operation, 214 condos closed (64.26%) at an average price of $301.55 per square foot. As the economy grew weaker, so did the sales volume and pricing in the Encore reaching an all time low of 26 condos sold in 2010 (22 developer owned, 4 private resales). In 2011, the Encore turned the volume corner, but the developer allowed prices to slip to their lowest point by selling 36 condos (26 developer owned and 10 private resales) at an average price of $252.72 per square foot. Contributing to the 2011 price weakness is the fact that half of the resales were distressed sales.

Finite Supply Will Lead to Higher Condo Prices

Now that the developers have zero condos left to sell, true market forces will return to the Encore. Currently, there are 15 resale opportunities listed on the MLS which represents only 4.5% of the entire building. Of those 15 condos, 4 are MDHA income restricted condos leaving 11 market value resales. Of those 11 resales, 3 are currently under contract with another 2 working offers. Moreover, with an average asking price of $293.06, prices have already begun to increase rather significantly. Granted, the final sales price will not be as high as the average listing price, but it is clear that a finite supply of condos in the Encore will result in prices that will soon approach and surpass 2008 highs.

Featured property Nashville

Encore Gains Multiple Retail Tenants

It has been several months since celebrated chef Deb Paquette announced her latest venture called Echo (now named Etch) in the Encore, but there are also two more restaurant/coffee tenants readying to make similar announcements. While I am not at liberty to name these tenants directly I can describe one as a high end sushi restaurant that features a rather large and trendy bar. This restaurant will be located next to Etch and be similar in size. The other tenant can be described as a successful local coffee and deli provider who is opening another location. There is no doubt that the impending completion of the billion dollar convention center and hotel complex will contribute to increased retail space leasing activity which in turn leads to an enhanced living experience in the Encore.

Advice and Recommendations

As a condo owner in the Encore and a broker who has represented more than 40 clients in the building, I am in the unique position of being the all time leading outside sales leader as well as an Encore insider. I have crunched the numbers and can steadfastly predict an increase in Encore condo prices over the next 2 years. Buyers who have been on the fence about a purchase in the Encore should have a sense of urgency. Sellers who are considering selling their condo, especially those on higher floors, need to understand the defined finite supply of condos and consider raising their asking prices to match the market. There are no new condo buildings under construction in Nashville and only the Laurel in the Gulch is planned to break ground at some point later this year.

Should you or someone you know be considering making a purchase or selling their condo in the Encore, please contact me. Having sold over 250 condos since 2006, I am the most successful condo broker in Nashville. Put my 10 years of experience to work for you and let me guide you to the most successful and profitable transaction possible.

Grant Hammond, Broker, ABR, SFR, ePRO
Call or Text: 615-945-7123
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Future Home Demand in Nashville Jumps, Significantly

Realizing that predicting the real estate market is a dangerous enterprise at best, I feel confident in the simple science behind my prediction that future Nashville home demand will jump significantly in 2012. Before I explain why, let me first explain how I build the total demand curve. I define total demand as the number of homes purchased in a particular month plus the number of pending home sales reported in that same month (some have included the number of residential building permits issued as well, but for the purposes of modeling an actual demand, not a confidence factor, I prefer to keep my curve based purely on the demand side). In my opinion, actual sales and pending sales added together give a real time look into the future health of the market, but rooted in reality. Think of the actual sales figure as the anchor that helps stabilize the sometimes unwieldy predictive value of the pending homes figure. Further, understanding that seasonality plays a role in the Nashville market, I have broken the ?demand season? into several separate segments.

Luxury Condos for Sale in Belle Meade

As you may have noticed, I have purposefully left out mortgage rates as I believe rates and affordability, to a great extent, will have no bearing upon new purchases for the balance of 2012. For the micro economists out there, yes I realize that it is impossible to hold all other factors constant to specifically measure pure demand in a market as complex as real estate, but bear with me as I strip down purchase demand into its purest state.

For the past 9 years, the average total demand has increased 10.94% between the months on March and June with June being the peak of seasonal total demand. If that same trend were to hold true, the total demand in June 2012 would rise to roughly 4,500 homes. This is a level last achieved in April 2010. If you recall, this was also the period in which the Government back first-time homebuyer credit expired creating an artificial demand. Having already achieved a total demand greater than any month in 2011, it is my conclusion that the Nashville real estate market demand has not only recovered, but may see significant price increases within the next 18 months.

Looking at the More Recent Demand Trend

When we strip out the 2 years of governmental meddling as well as 2003 and 2004 and only consider the 5 most recent years of pure market forces, the average total demand has increased 13.78% between the months of March and June. This more realistic view would predict a demand of almost 4,600 homes, a level not seen since the seasonal highs in 2008. More importantly, this level of demand is similar to what was achieved in the first quarters of both 2004 and 2005. While it is too soon to predict the next boom, I do feel that Nashville is firmly entrenched in a steady recovery that will lead to price increases.

Adding to the strength of the recovery is the fact that the Millennial generation (born between 1980 and 2005) has been graduating from college and graduate school for several years. This is significant as the Millennial generation, sometimes called Echo Boomers are the largest generation of Americans, ever. Millennials are 1.3 times larger than the Baby Boomers and over 3 times larger than Generation X, my generation. Millennials have many of the same values as their parents with home ownership being a focus and main definition of their self worth. It stands to reason that as this generation comes of age, so shall the real estate recovery.

Nashville Market Gains Confidence

In speaking with several colleagues at REBAR last week, almost all report the number of multiple-offer situations and ?bidding wars? having increased significantly in recent months. Moreover, 8 out of 10 polled Realtors reported an increased confidence among their buyers and 7 out of 10 reported an increased confidence among their sellers.

Further, having the confidence that mortgage rates will remain relatively low through late 2014 due to the Central Bank?s decision to hold short-term interest rates near zero for the next 28 months, has set the stage for a 28 month purchase window. Buyers are certainly not in a rush, but most now operate with the understanding that purchasing a home within the next two years represents their best chance at optimizing the affordability factor. However, as many begin to see increased pricing in the more desirable areas of Nashville, many will pull the trigger in 2012 to further optimize that transaction. Areas like 12th South, Green Hills, Vanderbilt and the Gulch have already seen significant price gains in the past year.

Work with Grant Hammond

I have a true passion for real estate. Each transaction becomes personal and every deal is negotiated as if it were my own. I would never advise one of my clients sign a purchase or a sale I did not believe in. Many of my clients describe my real estate practice as professional, thorough, and detailed oriented and some have even called me anal and slightly obsessive. I feel all are compliments. But, the one trait I possess that very few agents have is the ability to walk away from a deal. In that I mean, I am financially in a position that allows me to advise my clients to walk away from a deal that is not perfect and continue looking for the best property or wait for a better offer. It has always been and always will be my goal to put my clients in the best position to succeed.

Grant Hammond, Owner/Broker, ABR, SFR, ePRO
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Foreclosed West End Circle Condo is a Steal

Attention value seekers: this West End Circle condo is a steal. While this condo is not my personal listing, I found the opportunity so remarkable, I had to point it out. It is a Freddie Mac foreclosure that originally sold for $177,000 in 2007. I have doubts this condo will be worth $177,000 in the immediate future, I am positive $120,900 is grossly undervalued. This is a perfect 1 bedroom condo for a Vanderbilt or Belmont student.

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # 1348610 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

Grant Hammond, Broker, ABR, SFR, ePRO
Call or Text: 615-945-7123

Tax Record for Foreclosed West End Condo

Luxury home sales Nashville


An Open Letter to Zillow from a Realtor

An open letter to Zillow from a Realtor who believes his clients deserve better service, better data and a better experience.

Dear Zillow,

Congratulations on hiring Jay Thompson, co-owner of Thompson?s Realty in Phoenix and respected real estate blogger to be your new Director of Industry Outreach & Social Media. Also, in case you did not get my memo a few weeks back, congratulations on hiring Bob Bemis, the ARMLS (Arizona Regional MLS) CEO to be your VP of Partner Relations. Judging from your latest hires, it is clear your company is determined to hire talented folks rooted in the traditional real estate industry. It is also clear that you finally embraced the fact that you have a massive PR problem and you seem determined to spend your way out of it.

Zillow Senior Executives Dump Stock

Bloomberg reports that in late February, your Chairman and Vice-Chairman sold 885,400 shares of stock valued at over $27.7 million dollars. Curiously, that sell off came just one day after Zillow announced that fourth-quarter revenue doubled from a year earlier. However, that sell off caused the stock?s value to fall 6.1% and sparked speculation from investors that your business model is entirely unsustainable. Bolstering that fear, your stock trades at about 50 times estimated 2013 earnings, the highest multiple that Pacific Crest Securities Inc. tracks. Wow, if I could sell investment properties on a 50 multiple, I?d be a paper billionaire too. Did I mention that Zillow isn?t sustainably profitable yet? Ut oh, spaghettio.

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff Interview

Listen closely to what Spencer Rascoff says in the third minute of this interview. Mr. Rascoff confirms that Zillow?s principle business is selling advertising to real estate agents. There is no mention of fiduciary responsibility to agents or their clients, just sell, sell, sell. In fact, he goes on to characterize his company by saying ?we have less than 1% wallet share of what agents spend on advertising?. Mr. Rascoff goes on to claim that ?we are the biggest real estate company? and outlines an investor-like pitch on why Zillow is going to be able to sell more advertising to real estate agents.


Is anyone else offended by this brash, ?we?re smarter than you? attitude? I think it wholly offensive to be told by the CEO of Zillow that real estate is not highly evolved. Especially from someone who is literally hijacking our work product and then selling it back to us. If agents stopped syndicated listings to Mr. Rascoff, the ?biggest real estate company? would literally cease to exist overnight.

What is Zillow?s End Game?

It is clear that Zillow cannot continue to trade at 50 times projected earnings, so what can Zillow do to boost revenues? How can Zillow turn the corner to ensure profitability and win back agents?

1. Become a one-stop shop for agents where Zillow can serve all of their business needs;
2. Eventually morph into a VOW (ala Redfin);
3. Eventually morph into a referral brokerage; or
4. A combination of (1) and something else.

I do not see a clear path in any of the above scenarios.

In Memoriam (Yes, I am predicting Zillow?s demise)

Without the listings — all of them — cleanly delivered and refreshed, Zillow will crumble under their own weight. Once the general public realizes that Zillow does not display all of the real estate listings in their city (they do not in Nashville) they will begin to lose credibility. Consumer confidence will begin to erode slowly at first, but hastens as users find the multitude of errors, old listing information and sees a rather alarming percentage of listed properties are actually already sold or no longer available. This process further accelerates when the public learns that all real estate listings are displayed on Realtor websites only. The death knell will be heard when it is revealed that Zillow is not a real estate site, but an advertising site that simply regurgitates erroneous data in an effort to sell a disingenuous service. Zillow subsists in the seedy underworld of page hits, banner impressions, user click paths and dollars earned per visit.

So long Zillow, it has been a blast having you around. I wish you luck in your next endeavor (please do not get into the subprime mortgage business or create any credit default swaps).


Grant Hammond, a multiple award winning real estate broker who wants his clients to have the most up to date, accurate information available.


How Peyton Manning Can Play for the Titans for $1

Best Condos for Sale in Belle MeadeAllow me to digress from real estate for a moment and float my theory about how the Tennessee Titans can bring Peyton Manning home for a $1 a year salary. BTW, I am not a dyed in the wool Vols fan, but I am a huge Titans fan and do believe that Peyton Manning is not only one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, but he is also one of the most kind, giving and loyal human beings in sport today. What he has done for the city of Indianapolis far outweighs what he has done on the field and I want that for Nashville.

Before I get started, let me lay out a few ground rules and assumptions. First, let?s assume that Peyton Manning has fond memories of his time as the defacto leader of Volnation. Next, let?s assume that he has not already made up his mind. Let?s also assume that Peyton is mentally prepared to become the face of Tennessee – not just the team, but the entire State. Peyton is a living legend in Knoxville and you better believe in Nashville too. Next, let?s assume that the Titans ownership and management want Peyton on the team. Clearly, there could be a dynamic within the organization that the general public is not privy to. Finally, let?s forget about all of the minutiae and specifics of how the deal would be structured and look at it from a ten thousand foot vantage point.

How to Structure Peyton Manning?s record $1.00 Contract

The general premise is simple: having Peyton Manning on the field will increase ticket sales, concession sales, merchandizing, TV contract revenue, radio contract revenue, etc. I propose that you pay Peyton $1 per season and give him 50% of the incremental revenue the team earns over the previous calendar year (yes, I know the NFL minimum base salary is $925,000 for players who have been in the league to 10+ years, but it doesn?t roll off the tongue like $1). Additionally, the team commits to help to publicize and fund the PeyBack Foundation as well as a Peyton Manning wing at the Vanderbilt Children?s Hospital. If there is one thing I have observed about Peyton, he gives back in spades to his fans and community. The team ownership should embrace and amplify these efforts.

I know the above plan may sound crazy to most in the sports world, but in the real estate world, we do this exact deal every day. In real estate it?s called a joint venture (JV) and is defined as a business agreement in which parties agree to develop, for a finite time, a new entity and new assets by contributing equity. They exercise control over the enterprise and consequently share revenues, expenses and assets. In the above scenario, Peyton Manning is contributing his football services and brand as equity to the deal while Bud Adams and the Titans organization are providing the infrastructure and vehicle for incremental revenue.

Why Not Pay Peyton Manning Millions?

The answer is simple, the money you save by not paying Peyton Manning what he is worth in salary is diverted to building the team around him. There is no doubt that Peyton Manning wants to go back to the Super Bowl. The Titans have a lot of the right pieces in place like a ridiculously talented Chris Johnson, but the offense needs a little more firepower. I am not going to speculate who would be the best players to acquire, but certainly there are a handful you would attempt to secure.

The other reason you don?t pay Manning millions is because putting a price tag on this guy is insulting. If some owner in Arizona or New York thinks that $30 million is all this guy is worth, he is not valuing Peyton the person. Case in point: I have a good friend who has lived in Indianapolis for almost a decade. When I spoke with her last night, she was devastated that Peyton Manning had been released from the Colts. She is not a football fan at all, but she loves Peyton Manning the person and what he has done for Indy. His footprints are literally everywhere in that town, from the ?House that Manning built (Lucas Oil Stadium) to the Peyton Manning Children?s Hospital at St. Vincent and everywhere in-between.

Listen – I live in a world where the good guys win. I want Peyton Manning to win and I want him to do it in Tennessee where millions of Vol fans love this guy beyond belief. If Peyton signed with the Titans, it would be like Elvis coming out of hiding, showing up on the doorstep of Graceland and saying ?where have ya?ll been?? If I am Governor Bill Haslam or Mayor Karl Dean, I am on the phone with Bud Adams formulating a plan to bring Peyton home. Seriously, go get on the phone and make this team, city and state better!

Thanks for indulging me this afternoon, I promise to get back to analyzing and practicing real estate now.

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The Echo Restaurant Era Begins in Encore Condos

Penthouses for Sale in Belle MeadeToday, March 7th, construction has begun in the street-level retail space of Encore condominiums in preparation for the restaurant, Echo. Echo is renowned restaurateur and chef Deb Paquette?s latest submission to the Nashville restaurant scene. Slated to open in the fall of 2012, the 4,000 square foot space will seat 150 patrons and offer a private dining room, full bar, outdoor patio and an open kitchen with bar seating, allowing guest to interact with the much celebrated chef.

Paquette, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, has been featured in Bon Appetit, Southern Living and on the Discovery Channel?s Best Chefs of the South. Gourmet Magazine named Zola, Paquette?s last venture, one of the 60 best restaurants in the United States. Furthermore, Paquette has been named ?Best Chef? in Nashville a record 16 times by the Nashville Scene readers poll. As an Encore condo owner, I feel very lucky to have such a notable Chef coming to my building and am very proud to see Nashville back on the culinary map.

Will Echo Affect Encore Condo Pricing?

You better believe it.

The Encore features 333 condos with a little more than 20,000 square feet of street-level retail space. Up until now, that retail space has remained 100% unoccupied. It is a proven fact that condo sales are amplified by attractive, well liked and utilized retail space. This fact has been proven out by other developers who have ?seeded? their retail space with upscale dinning and shopping establishments. For example, when the Icon condos seeded their retail space with Casablanca Coffee, Cantina Laredo, Urban Flats and Cashmere Salonspa, sales experienced a significant jolt. When sales began to lag in the Gulch, master developer MarketStreet attracted urban grocer Turnip Truck and the rest is condo price increase history.

Echo is simply the beginning for the Encore. I have it on good authority that a local coffee house is considering opening a satellite location in the northeast corner of the building, adjacent to the Pinnacle building. With the impending completion of the Music City Center and Omni Hotel in 2013, I suspect more than 80% of the Encore retail space will be leased within the next twelve months.

Encore Condo Prices Will Increase

The developer only has 6 condos left to sell. Yes, those are listed at a lower price than condo owners would like, but once those condos are sold it will be up to owners to determine the new pricing. Typically, once a high-rise condo project is sold out, there is a natural 4-8% bump in price that occurs immediately as a result of no longer competing with the developer. Moreover, there is NO new condo supply coming to the market in the foreseeable future. The fact that the condo supply will remain static coupled by the fact that demand has not slowed will ultimately lead to a significant price increase in the Encore. Pressed to make a prediction, I would say that Encore pricing may appreciate as much as 18% by the end of 2013.

If you are considering a purchase in the Encore, there may not be a more opportune time to make your purchase a reality. The sales volume and velocity of downtown Nashville condos has been increasing for the past 7 months straight. Inevitably, price will begin to increase very soon as it has in buildings like the Icon and Adelicia.

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